Does Anyone Else Think This is Funny?

 Thursday, July 28, 2011

After we had been in Boston for a couple of days we decided to explore the area and find the local Target. Fortunately, its only about 10 minutes away and we were able to stop by to pick up a few things we needed. It's amazing how the Target in Boston looks just like the Target in Fredericksburg, which looks just like the Target in Raleigh. It almost makes you forget where you are.

Yep. It looks like...Target.

But then I noticed something and quickly remembered I was in the Boston area:

Yep. On Clearance.
Down from $19.99 to $ $4.98 but still no takers.
As soon as I saw this, I couldn't stop laughing. I might not have thought too much of it if I had actually been in Fredericksburg or Raleigh...but since I am a Bostonian now, I have to start thinking like a Red Sox fan.


Three Weeks Already???

 Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We have made our long awaited move to Boston and are starting to settle in! It's hard to believe we arrived in the "City on a Hill" almost three weeks ago - but it is true and time is already moving by so quickly.

So far we LOVE IT! Living here feels a lot more normal than I expected it to. When I go out to a store, I keep thinking I recognize people I know. Then it hits me. I am in BOSTON now! And I really don't know ANYONE yet.

Although Addison and I have ventured outside on several outings over the past few weeks, we have spent most of our time indoors trying to organize the apartment. We had a full service move and the moving company unpacked all of our belongings. They even hauled away the boxes for us.

Although we are thankful for the help, a full service move really wasn't as amazing as it sounds.

Basically when a moving company says they will unpack you, what they really mean is "we will take all of your stuff out of your boxes and randomly stack it, cram it, and stuff it into corners and shelves where it would normally not belong." Imagine walking in your house, opening every drawer and cabinet, and dumping it all out on the floor.

When the movers left, there were shoes, pillows, clothes, jewelry, and books all piled high on our queen size bed. The tub was STUFFED with different items and we weren't able to get in the master bath for almost a week.

Unfortunately, I was too busy and stressed to remember to take any pictures of the mess. Instead, we immediately started to organize and clean everything (I knew a clean pair of underwear had to be under the mess somewhere and I was determined to find it before too many days passed by). Here are the some pictures of our new apartment after about two weeks of cleaning:

We will post more pictures of our new place once we have finished organizing it and have put some decorations on the walls!


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