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 Friday, April 29, 2011

Boston. America’s Walking City. Bean Town. The City on a Hill. Whatever you wanna call it…we are going. We are super excited about this new step in our lives (but a bit freaked out about all of the unknowns)! Josh has a great opportunity to join Digital Lumens - a cleantech start up company that offers intelligent lighting systems. The people are great, the location is fantastic, and the opportunity seems to be a perfect fit for Josh and his career.

It is going to be quite an adventure for us to move from our three-bedroom single-family home in suburbia to a smaller two-bedroom apartment right off the subway. Did I mention we are taking Addison? We can’t wait to have her christen Boston with all her spit up.

So I created this blog to keep track of all the many shenanigans we get ourselves into.  I have always thought blogs were a fun way to connect with the people and things we love.  I have also always wanted to use the word “shenanigans” in a real sentence (since seeing the movie Juno) so I can already tell this experience is going to be a success.


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